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Singapore visit 2010

Our recent visit to Singapore in the month on July,2010.  We explored world class designs made by the landscaping specialists from all over the world. The expo was one of its kind, we saw the arrangements made like a dream wonderland.

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Landscape Gardening

There was a time when most people thought landscaping was little more than lawn mowing, weeding and planting a few flowers. In recent years, landscaping has taken on a whole new meaning. Good landscape design can add to the value of a home, dramatically increase your living space, and contribute greatly to an improved home lifestyle. Many […]

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Interior Designing

Interior Designing Change is the only constant in life. The same goes for your house as well. Your brand new home will eventually become outdated in a few years time. A home reflects one’s personality. The warmth in the house has to be maintained in the home interior and that style is employed by self […]

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Instant Gardening

Instant Gardening Watching a garden full of flowers blossoming at your backyard is every flower lover’s dream. Gardening is one of the most pleasurable activities one can enjoy at home. Getting close to nature and becoming one with nature, gives a person immense pleasure and a feeling of peace. However, there is a catch, having […]

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Landscaping specialist

Dr. Krishna Chavan: Dr. Krishna Chavan is a new age entrepreneur who has changed the way we look at the mother nature by his innovative and creative approach towards the use of space in the form of Landscape Gardening, instant gardening and Ikebana Floral Art. Dr. Krishna Chavan, a graduate in agricultural science from the […]

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